When I startet kitesurfing in early 2007, I knew this was my sport. I started entering my first race-competitions in 2009 and realized how much fun it is, to compete in a large field of racers. I continued formula racing, also driven by several successes during the years and finally ended up with the Flysurfer-Family. When Foilracing first came up, I was a bit suspicious if foil might grow in the next years, but when my teammates introduced me to the gorgeous sport of foilracing I was as hooked as never before. Entering my foil-career with a 5th place at the worldcup in Germany (2016) further motivated me to push that sport and now I´m super happy to be were I am: progressing well in foil-competition and enjoying my world of kitesurfing.

Name : Jannis Maus

Date of Birth : 10.06. 1996

Kiteboarding since : 2007

Wettkämpfe seit: 2009

Größte Erfolge: Weltmeister Formula-Kiteracing 2015 (Tubekite)

Lieblingsspots: Tarifa, Sylt, Hooksiel

Was ich mag: Spooooort!

Was ich nicht mag: Sportfreie Zeit und Gurken

Ziele im Kitesurfen: Hydrofoil-Weltmeister



Competition results:

2012// World Championship 2nd Place Youth

2014// Sportsmen of the Year Award (NWZ)

2014// African Championship 3rd Place U-21

2015// World Championship 1st Place (Tubekite-Division)


2015// Slalom Worldcup St. Peter Ording 4th Place

2015// RedBull Coast2Coast 2nd Place

2016// Kitesurf Cup Sylt 1st Place Big Air

2017// Foil Worldcup Germany 10th Place

4x German Champion Racing